Sunday, August 2, 2009


Heylo! I thought I'd do this survey thang, since I was bored. I got it from the lovely LoveBLENDnBeauty's blog. Go check her out if you haven't she has some good yt tutorials.

1. Things you cannot leave the house without:

: Purse, Phone, Planner, and chapstick.

2. Favorite brand of Make Up:

: I love: MAC, Laura Mercier, Urban Decay, and NARS. That is when I have some cash flow, but since ballin' on a budget is hard, I love the el cheapo brands too.

3. Favorite flower:

: I don't have one.

4. Favorite clothing store:

: Nordys, Target, Ross, Styles for less, DD's, Vivi, Love Culture, and the list goes on.

5. Favorite perfume:

: VIVA LA JUICY! If you haven't coped yourself a bottle, I suggest you do. It smells oh so fabulous!

6. Heels or Flats:

: I like flats, but I rarely wear them. I'm usally always in flip flops, because they are convienient and I'm always on the go.

: Pumps are a must for me even though I am tall.

7. Do you make good grades:

: Yes, of course. School, is no joke, plus I'm not tryin to pay the same class if I fail.

8. Favorite colours:

: Green and purple.

9. Do you drink energy drinks:

: I drink Go Girls. Having one hour of sleep and having a performance the next hour is no joke. So, I need something to wake me up and so I can get hyped.

10. Do you drink juice:

: Yeah, I love Jamba Juice and Minute Maid fruit punch.

11. Do you like swimming:

: I LOVE swimming. I swam on a team in highschool and I still love it to this day. I used to swim laps everyday on the regular, but since funds are low it's hard. Oh, soon the pool and I will be reunited again.

12. Do you eat fries with a fork:

: HECK TO THE NO, unless they are chilli cheese fries. YUMMY!

13. Favorite moisturiser:

: MAC studio moisture fix

14. Do you want to get married later on in life:

: If it's in God's plan for me, then why not.

15. Do you get mad easily:

: Naw, but if Aunt Flo is in town then I do. Sorry....

16. Are you into ghost hunting:

: Heck naw, but I like watching Ghost Hunters.

17. Any phobias:

: Heights.

18. Do you bite your nails:

: Nope.

19. Have you ever had a near death experience:

: Yeah, I'd rather not discuss it.

20. Do you drink coffee:

: Sometimes. Gotta love the Starbucks drinks.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gettin fine for 09

Slappin: Mikioi: Together Forever

Hey there,

Wow, it's been a HOT minute since I've been on here. These past couple of months have been EXTREMELY hard on me. I've had a lot of sad moments, but things are finally starting to look up. So, that is why I haven't posted any blogs. Plus, ballin' on a budget hasn't let me do haulage in a long time. So, now I'm just workin' and rockin' what I have.

Sorry, but this blog will not be make-up related. Do you guys walk or run for exercise, but hate when you get bit by bugs? I started walking on the regular about five months ago. I wanted to take advantage my new neighborhood and my dogs need exercise. Plus, I just like to be active and I don't have to pay a bill to the gym. Haaaay now! So, I went walking about two weeks ago. Typically, when I walk it's about two hours and eqivalent to 6 miles. Now, that it's summer I like to wear shorts out, because it's hot and I sweat. When I came back from my walk, I was PISSED! I found 3 bug bites on my left leg and 3 on my right. So, I decided to check out a bug spray to see if that would help me, because there is no way I'm going to wear sweats out. I want to tan my legs. haha..

- Can be purchased at pretty much any store.
- The smell isn't bad at all.
- This a very inexpensive product. (I got a value pack at Safeway for around 8 bucks.)
- This product works to keep all bugs away.


I'm going to try to run tonight. Wish me luck! Let me know if you want me to do more fitness posts. I think I'll do this more often, because I love reading tips/tricks on how to stay fit. Do any of you dance out there, because I was going to do a blog about "dancer must haves". Let me know.

Stay blessed!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Get LOUD: Fashion Haulage

Whud up?

Jennifer Hudson: If This Isn't Love

I got these dress about two weeks ago at Ross. I really love this store, because it's cheap and if your patient you'll find some DOPE SAUCE stuff! I got these dresses, because of the print. I don't like to look plain Jane with the gear that I rock. I really like wearing dresses during spring and summer time. You don't have to spend a long time trying to find what to wear and they are really cute. For the spring season, I'd rock a cardigan over the dress, because you might get cold. For the summer, I'd put my hair in a ponytail and be out.

Guess how much these dresses cost. Are you thinking? haha.. The first one was $14.99 and the blue one was $9.99. HAY NOW!

This dress has pockets! HAAAY! Perfect for carrying your favorite lippy. =p

Questions, comments, concerns, 2 cents? Feel free to hollah!

Have a blessed day.




Good Morning blog heads!


Boom Boom Pow: Black Eyed Peas

*Jergens Natural Glow product review*


1. I like the packaging.

2. The products were pretty affordable.

3. You see results in a couple of days.

4. The smell of the product isn't too strong and over powering.

5. The lotion does give a "natural glow" to the skin.

6. The moisturizer didn't make me break out. WHEW!



1. I have dry skin and this product didn't help. I tried just putting this on and then my foundation. That didn't give me any type of mosture. It just made my skin feel dry and cracky. I tried doing that twice and I got the same results. So, when I use this product, I put JNG first and then my moisturizer after.


1. If you want IMMEDIATE results, this product is not for you.

2. If you are looking to get darker, this isn't for you.

3. Make sure that you get the lotion/moisturizer that is right for your skin tone. Don't get "medium to tan" if you are light skinned.

4. If you have dry skin, I suggest you put a moisturizer on top of the face lotion.

5. I use these products every other day.

6. These products can be purchased at your local drug stores.

Hopefully, these products will work for all of you too.

Questions, comments, concerns, or 2 cents? Feel free to hollah!



Friday, April 10, 2009

Update & Eye Candy



The Dream: Rockin That Thang Remix

Wow, I haven't been on this thing on a minute. The past month has been really hard. I've been going through some personal thangs in my life. Right now, I'm waiting for some info that could be life changing. If you have been following my twitter, you've seen that I've been bustin' my butt looking for a job. Hopefully, that will change soon, but I'm looking on the brightside. I'll try to start blogging more on a regular basis, but I'm always updating my twitter. So, enough of that sappy ish. haha..

Here are some Eye Candy looks that I did. I hope yall dig it!

Questions, comments, concerns? Feel free to hollah!

Hope yall have a blessed Easter! Get yo grub on. =]



Wednesday, March 4, 2009

MAC Mini Brush Review

Aloha blog world!

Make Me A Supermodel


1. The different colors the brushes come in.

2. They are great for traveling.


1. The texture of the bristles don't feel like the regular sized MAC brushes.

2. The 187SE doesn't pick up as much product as the regular 187.

3. I feel like I wasted money on buying these brushes.


Just because these are MAC brushes doesn't mean they have the same quality as the regular sized brushes. You can find cheaper brushes out there that will do a better job. Then again, if you love MAC and just need brushes to travel with then these are for you. I have one holiday set and the HK set. I don't plan on buying anymore of the travel sized brushes. I'd rather get another brand or save up to get the regular sized brushes.

Hopefully, you are all staying warm.

Stay blessed!



Monday, March 2, 2009

Make-up seminar

How'z it?

Bow Wow: You can get it all

I hope all of you had a great weekend! Anyhoo, did you hear about Enkore's make-up seminar? If you haven't heard about him he is an AWESOME make-up guru on youtube. He is a really great MUA. You end up learning a lot from his videos.

I'm excited, because it's in the bay. I live like an hour and a half from the location, but it's all good. The seminar is called "Mild to Wild". He is teaching a day time look and then a night time look. So, a look you can wear on the daily and a look you can glam up at night. This seminar is only $50 and I'm like that's dope for us who are BALLIN ON A BUDGET. haha..

I asked one of my bests to go with me and if she says no I'm about to go by myself. I really want to go to step up my make-up skills. Feel me? I'm not sure if it's before or after the seminar there will be a make-up sale. They will be selling products 20-60% off on NAME BRAND PRODUCTS. OH EM GEE!

So, I'll see yall there then. I might be shy to say hi to you if I recognize you from the blog or youtube world, but I'll definitely smile.

Here is the video if you want to check it out.

Hope yall are staying dry and warm.

Stay blessed!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Whud it do, boo?


Taio Cruz: Like A Star

Ladies, do you walk in heels all day? Are you dancer that could never be a foot model, because of the way your feet look? Have you ever wore the most UNCOMFY shoes to the club and by the end of the night yo feel really hurt?

Well, ladies and gents this is the product for you! I have been dancing for 9 years and my feet have been through it all. From, dancing on wooden floor each week to dancing on a volcano. Over the years, I have developed caluses on my feet. When I'd touch the side of my feet it would hurt really bad. It was SOOO not the BIDNASS! So, one day I was watching an infomercial about this product. I was skeptical about it and didn't know if I wanted to use it. Then last year, I was at Frys and there it was. Frys is an electronic store if you don't know what it is. So, I coped one and decided to try it out. This product is an inexpensive way to shave of your caluses.

Here are my results:


1. The packaging is convienient and easy to travel with.

2. The clean-up isn't hard.

3. The results are instant.

4. This product was only $10!!




1. Wash your feet.

2. Pat them dry with a towel.

3. Pull of cap.

4. Place metal side on the area you would like to get rid of.

5. Use an up and down motion toward the area. (I usually stop when my foot gets smooth.)

6. Put lotion on them so your feet will be soft.

Tid bit:

Don't pay attention to the commercial, because they EXAGERATE on how much you will shave off. So, don't be SCURRED when using it. You will only taking off a little bit from your foot. I think everyone should or just even try it. Make sure that you have a soft hand when using this product. Don't go crazy and be rough with your feet. I've seen this product at many different places now so go check your local drug store.

Oh, how I love you PEG EGG! haha..

Well, hopefully this helps someone out there in blog land. You'll be seeing posts like this from me. I'm a real female that has real issues, so I'm not afraid to let you know. Ya dig? Plus, I like helping people too. *smiles*

Hope all of you have a blessed week!

Questions, comments, concerns, 2 cents?? Feel free to hit me up!




Hello dearies!

Lady Gaga: Paparazzi

A couple of weeks ago I went to Ulta. I haven't been in that store in a minute. I was looking for bargins, because I am BALLIN ON A BUDGET. I came across these brushes and decided to cop em.


1. These brushes are friendly to the environment!! YAY!!

2. The bristles feel soft on my skin.

3. The brush itself is lightweight.

4. The set came with five brushes for $15. (Make sure you check out drug stores, because they might be cheaper there. =] )

5. There was no scent after I washed them.


1. The eyebrow brush could be stiffer.

Overall, I really DIG these brushes. They are el cheapo, but they really work. I think these brushes would be great if you are just starting out with makeup. Yo, MAC brushes are not the only ones that can do the job. Or you can just these brushes if you are a brush lover like me.

I hope you enjoy these brushes as much as I do. These brushes also come with a place to hold your brushes.

Stay blessed!



Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Whud it do, boo?

MYMP: Only Reminds Me Of You

So, I was watching one of POWPOWBABY'S latest tutorials and she said that her little sister went to Mikey D's and got a Hello Kitty watch. If you haven't seen her youtube videos, she does amazing make-up tutorials. Go check her out! Anyhoo, I had to go see what all this watch hype was about. So, of course I went to Mickey D's and got a watch. They are too cute. I know the food is EVIL, but I had to get the watch. haha.. I might just go there to collect all the watches, because I'm wondering if the whole Sanrio characters are featured. Do you have any idea? I haven't had a Happy Meal in years and they used to be so cheap. I was thinking to myself PINKEY SWEAR it's almost 5 bucks now? UH UH.. I got HI-C, because I rarely drink soda now and that tasted like straight sugar water. HOLY HOT BOOGERS!

Aren't they cute?

Go to your local Mickey D's and get a Happy Meal. You'll add some fierceness to your wrist.
Hope your having a good day!
Be blessed!

Hello Kitty Review

Whud up?

India Arie: The Truth

To be honest, I only purchased this collection because it was Hello Kitty and packaging. I wasn't really feelin the colors. I got both of the palletes, because I don't have that many MAC e/s. I had to get both of the blushes, because I HEART blushes. I tried using fun and games last Saturday, but wasn't really feelin it. The color was okay, but I didn't really like it on my skin. My favorite color from the palletes right now is the pink/magenta color. I can't believe I'm saying that, because 99.9% of the time I DON'T like pink. I was thinking about getting the doll, but I wasn't feelin the price and it was too small. Plus, I have 3403049 stuffed animals already. haha..


1. Packaging

2. Design of HK

3. Cardboard packaging ( I noticed that my lippy had double packaging.)


1. Pallete colors (You could have picked better colors MAC!)

2. Blush colors

3. Brush set

Overall, this collection was just OKAY to me. This collection didn't scream WOW to me.

Hopefully, the couture collection is better next month. So, start saving your money loves!

Be safe today in this yucky weather!



Hello Kitty Haulage

Good morning blog heads!

Me And My Girlfriend: 2 Pac

So, your all probably tired of hearing about this collection and seeing it. I just wanted to share, just incase there is someone out there that would like to see it. I was bummed when I heard the collection came out a day early, because I didn't get to go. Then, I wasn't able to go on the 10th and that just made me sad. So, finally I ended up going on the 11th. I was getting nervous, because everyone and their mama went to the launch shindig and ordered stuff online. I went to Nordys and was suprised, because there was NO line. There were a few breezys lookin at the stand, but that's about it. I was kind of irritated, because the MAs didn't seem friendly. Plus, there were people just lolly freakin gaggin and I KNEW what I wanted. So, I just told the MA what I wanted and bounced. I really wanted the HK bracelet, but the MA said they sell it at the store. I hauled to the MAC store and got the bracelet. I was surprised, because I got a free tote bag too. That made me feel a little bit better about the experience. If only they were selling the HK shirt that the MAs had on, because I'd SOOOO cop one.

Here is what I got...

Hope all of you have fun with your goodies!


Monday, February 16, 2009

Hello Kitty Eyes ONE

Whud up?

Ludacris: Nasty Girl

Well, I was bored and decided to use my new palletes. I hope you like it and here is what I came up with.

I used pink, purple, and blue. I'll be doing more looks with my Hello Kitty goodies soon.

I need to give you blog heads and youtube gurus some props. The whole posting process takes a minute to do. I'm starting to understand all that yall do.

Hope yall are keepin warm!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Maybelline Lash Stiletto

Ludacris: Nasty Girl

Whud it do, blog heads?

**This is a review.**

So, I had to pick up some stuff at Wally World and decided to pick this up. I saw this commercial a minute ago and wanted to see what this hype was about. This mascara claims to lengthen your lashes.

1. Lengthened my lashes.
2. The packaging was different and chique.
3. The eyelash applicator is long and small enough to get to your lashes near the inner part of your eye.

1. This mascara only fits one purpose.
2. The packaging is long and may not fit in a small make-up bag.

If you are like me and need a mascara to thicken your lashes, then you'll need to use another type of mascara to do that job. I'd put on another coat of a mascara that thickens on top. I think I won't purchase this mascara again, because I'd rather have ONE mascara that lengthens and thickens at the same time.

Then again, if your BALLIN ON A BUDGET go ahead and cop this mascara. At least it will lengthen your lashes and the packaging is cute. If your not then save a couple of extra dollas to get a better mascara.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

Good evening blog heads!
The Cheetah Girls 3: What If

**This is a another movie review**

So, you could probably tell from the title of this blog, but I saw the movie. OHEMGEE! I really liked it. It was a cute chick flick. I heard a lot of "Awwws" from other people in the room. I heard about the book a minute ago and was excited that a movie was coming out. Every woman out there can relate to this movie. It really hit home for me too. It made me think about my past and the boys I use to date. I was thinking to myself that the woman characters in the movie are doin the most! I'm not even going to lie, but I've done some dumb lil girl stuff when I was young. Now, that I think of it and if I knew myself back then I would have SLAPPED my head so hard. I'm just glad that I'm SO NOT like that anymore. I would NEVAH EVA wait for a guys phone call like a little puppy and even if he was Columbus Short. haha!

To the females out there: Go see it. You can go see it with your girlies and even your boo la la. He may learn a thing or two from this movie and realize what you may have done.

To the fellas out there: Take your girl/wife/baby mama whateva to go see this. Like I said you may learn a thing or two. Suprise your girl as an early Valentine's treat and take her to go see this. She will appreciate it and thank you for it. TRUST!

Well, I hope you are having a fabulous weekend.

Take care and Stay Blessed.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Anti Acne Starter Kit Update


Korn: Right Now

So, I just wanted to give you all a little update. The question you all probably want answered is "Does it work?" Well, for me I think that it's starting to work. My skin isn't bad or anything, but I seem to have pimples around my cheek area. I have tried many products and this was my last hope. I can't afford to be spending an arm and a leg for acne products, because they are not cheap. Feel me? So, I see that my skin is getting better. The acne is starting to minimize on my cheeks. YAY! My bestfriend even commented that my skin looks better. I thought to myself finally, because I should have acne issues in highschool and not now. Well, I guess everything happens for a reason and it's getting minimized. YAY! This kit advises you to use it once or twice a day. I have been using it once and it has been okay for me. So, its all on you what you'd like to do.


1. The packaging is handy, because each product has it's own area.

2. A little goes a long way so you will have enough for the 30 days.

3. I'm seeing results and it's only week two.

4. The box said it was a $60 and it was only $30. Good deal, yeah?


1. If you don't wait for each product to dry then your skin will start to sting. So, ladies and gents be patient! Let the product set on your face.

2. A picture or two could have been included in the packaging of people that saw results.

**This kit can be found at Bath and Body Works**

I will update you again in two more weeks. Maybe I'll even show you how my cheeks look.

Have a good night and good luck!

Take care and God Bless.



Get YO read on!

Hi there blog world!

Bored? Want to collect something new? Love make-up? Want something new to read?

Well, if you answered yes to one of the following above, all of you should really check out Bobby Brown Makeup Manuel. I came across this book when I went Barns N Noble. I was like I'll just check it out and see what information this book has. Bobby Brown, really explains everything from your face to makeup application. So, since I'm getting really into makeup I decided to start collecting makeup books.

1. I like the fact that this book is hard back, so it can be in my collection for years to come.
2. I like that Bobby Brown really explained each chapter in detail.
3. I LOVE the pictures, because I'm more of a visual learner. If I see something then I can pick it up faster and the pictures help me with that.
4. I LOVE how Bobby Brown made this book for all different levels to beginners and MUAs.

1. I wish the book was longer. haha.. I wanted to learn more.

Wow, I only have one dislike. That is DOPE SAUCE!

Here are some pictures, just incase you are interested.

Did you know that MAC was founded by two white guys from Canada?? I was like hmmmm.. right on.. =] Well, I hope like this book.

Take care and God Bless!



Wednesday, January 28, 2009

40 LE E/S Set

Whud it do, boo?

Here is my take on the Flirt Cosmetics Pallette. I purchased this in December 08 at Kohls.

Here is what the Pallette looks like closed.

Here is what it looks like opened.

I'm not sure if they still have this at Kohls, but you can check. If you don't know what a Kohls is, it's similar to a Ross or TJMAXX.


1. The colors last all day, but don't forget to have on your handy dandy e/s base.

2. The colors are easy to blend.

3. If you are starting out with make-up or don't want to pay an arm and a leg for e/s then this pallette is for you.


1. Some of the e/s can slip out of place. (All of them aren't glued into the plastic.)

2. There is a little bit of fall out.

3. The packaging isn't that sturdy, because its plastic. So, if you plan on traveling with this pallette I suggest you put the shadows in another pallette. (MAC pallette, etc.)

FYI: I did a look using this pallettee in my 9.FIVE post.

Now, I need to get on the rest of my day.





First Haulage of 09


Did you guys get any goodies from the Bath and Body Works sale? If you did then YAY, but if you didn't the sale ended last Sunday. Well, I didn't know about it until I watched one of Lepooke's haul videos on youtube. If you haven't checked her out, you should. She has some DOPE SAUCE videos. Anyhoo, when I heard they were having 75% off and their make-up was 90% off I had to think twice. I didn't really want to get anything, because I'm saving my money for the Hello Kitty MAC collection. Then I thought to myself you can't beat deals like that. So, I decided to check it out. I got a few things.

I wanted to get some body sprays and anti-bacterial hand soap. Then I got a few lip stuffz. The make-up was practically gone, but I'm glad I got a few things. I'm not really a lip product kind of woman, but I wanted to try these out because the packaging was cute and they weren't expensive. Then I came across their "Anti-Acne Starter Kit". I am still working on my dream of having flawless skin. Hopefully, this works because having acne in my twenties is not the BIDNASS! I think I'll do a review on it too. Just incase you loves out there have an acne issue too. I'm praying that this works for my sensitive skin.

All the stuff I got :

The Lip products

The "Anti-Acne Starter Kit"

Hope all of you purchased some goodies too. *smiles*

Stay blessed!




Whud it do, boo?

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Wednesday!

Anyhoo, I haven't been wearing make-up lately. Well, I have but it has been my everyday look. You know blush, eyeliner, mascara, and gloss. You females feel me? Then I started feeling bad, because all of this make-up is just sitting there and catching dust. So, I found a reason to wear make-up yesterday. My bff and I decided to have dinner together. We haven't seen each other in months and we haven't exchanged Christmas gifts. I decided to go pretty casual with my ensemble, but I tried something different with my eyes.

I was looking in my closet yesterday and I realized that I haven't used my JORDANS in such a long time. So, a thought went into my head that I should use them. Plus, it was sunny outside and I was not about to use them if it was raining. TRUST THAT! The Jordans were white, light blue, black, and gray. I decided to use light blue, greenish blue, black and gray. I used my new Flirt Cosmetics pallette. I'm pretty much diggin' it.

THEEEE inspiration:

So, here is what I came up with.

Here is another picture, but with both eyes.

Hope you all dig it. Tell me what you think.

One more thing..

Here is what my bff got me for Christmas 08. Just incase you were wondering. *smiles* All of you and yo mama have probably seen these, but just incase you haven't here they are. YAY another traveling set of brushes. I love them too, because they are green.

One of my favorite brushes the 187SE. Sorry, it's kind of blurry but yall get the picture.

I'll be posting a few more posts today. So, watch out for that.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gran Torino

Good morning gorgeous!

**This is a short movie review**

Have you seen Gran Torino yet? If you haven't you need to see it! OHEMGEE! I think this is the best movie I have seen so far for 09. Clint Eastwood did an AMAZING job! This movie made me cry and laugh at the same time. It made me happy to see Asians portrayed in a movie.
I remember I took a media class a couple of years ago and we discussed how Asians aren't really seen in the media. Now, they are coming up and getting to be seen. That is such a beautiful thing to see.

I loved how realistic that movie was and I liked how the Hmong culture was shown. They didn't just touch the surface of their culture, but it was more in depth. I even learned something new too. I didn't know Hmong people originated from Thailand, Laos, and China. I think the main Hmong actor and actress did a great job. This movie is great for men and women. Ladies, you can ask your boo la la if he wants to see it. *smiles* I saw a lot of men in the movie theatre with their loves.

At the end, it was total waterworks for me. Thank goodness my eyeliner on my waterline didn't smudge. Thanks to good ol' MAC for that. =p

Gran Torino Pictures, Images and Photos

Now, I can't wait for this movie to come out on HD. I hope you enjoy this movie as much as I did.

Happy movie watching and have a blessed day.

Come back and look for upcoming make-up/fashion posts. *smiles*



Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cravin skittles now

Hey there!

This will be one of my random posts.

Have any of you seen the latest skittles commercial? Well, if you haven't an Asian and Filipino man are on there. I had to do a double take when I saw it. (You know when you have to look at something twice.) I wasn't paying attention until I heard something familiar to me.

I thought it was a pretty DOPE SAUCE commercial. It feels good to have the media aknowledge an Asian and Filipino man.

If you haven't seen it you should go check it out. MOS DEF!


Stay blessed!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Intro/ Inauguration

Good morning!

Let's start with the introduction, shall we? Well, I initially wanted to start this blogspot, because I have been INSPIRED. I have been a youtube lurker for sometime now. I started watching different videos here and there. Then, I discovered the FABULOUS make-up world. I found it amazing and addicting at the same time. heehee.. Honestly, I never knew about make-up until I started watching youtube. Nobody, in my family ever taught me how to put make-up on. I learned from two friends how to do the basics, but never in such detail as youtube. So, I learned how to do everything on my own. *POPS MY COLLAR* I started doing my make-up at age TWENTY1. Holy smokers, can you believe it? You can say I was a late blummer with this make-up thang. *smiles* It's all good though, because I have learned SOOO much and have expanded my collection. I have a six piece plastic container of make-up now and I think I need to get another one. EEEEK.. heehee..

My first love is fashion. I have a PASSION for FASHION. I may not match all the time, know the latest trends off the runway, afford the latest pumps, but I can ROCK and PUT together a FABULOUS ENSEMBLE!

So, on my blog you'll see a lot of make-up and fashion posts. You'll see haulage and reviews from el cheapo thangs to the expensive thangs. I'm thinking of adding some specific category related posts too when I get more comfortable with this blogspot bidnass. I don't know if I'll be discussing my personal life on here, because I don't know if I'm ready to lay my personal bidnass out there. You feel me?!? Hopefully, this blog is helpful to someone who doesn't know about make-up or fashion. Someone, who is just bored and decides to surf the net to get out of their bordem. Or even maybe someone who is involved in the make-up or fashion world and wants a gain more knowledge or learn something new. Hopefully, something does come out of this, because I'd like to learn more from you, you, and uhh you too. *smiles*

Unfortunately, I won't be doing any youtube videos, because I have NO clue how to put videos on there. I'll just explain and put pictures on here for your viewing pleasure. So, I want to give a BIG UPS and THANKS BUNCHES to my favorite make-up gurus. All of you have inspired me and I love watching your videos. Thank you for responding to my comments, even though I just said a simple "thank you". All of you have made me believe I can look FIERCE wearing make-up. So, thank you again and keep doing FABULOUS work! If yall haven't checked these FABULOUS people out then you should. GO GO GO... *smiles*


























Enough, of blabbing about myself. I got up around 7 a.m. to watch the festivites going on for the Inauguration. It was just amazing to watch and see what goes on during this time. It felt like the world was coming together to celebrate this special day. I got really emotional when I saw President Obama take his seat during the introductions of the VIPS. I loved how even though everyone and their mama is a different religion they brought God into it. The power of prayer is strong and amazing. Michelle, Malia, and Sasha looked fierce in their ensembles. I have the utmost faith in our President, but there is a tiny bit inside of me that is a little skeptical. I just really want to see some change. I hope that all our soilders are taken out of the middle east. I hope that our economy gets better, because too many people have been effected. I could go on and on. heehee.. With all that said, I'm still very excited to see some change. YES WE CAN!

Stay blessed!



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