Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Whud it do, boo?

MYMP: Only Reminds Me Of You

So, I was watching one of POWPOWBABY'S latest tutorials and she said that her little sister went to Mikey D's and got a Hello Kitty watch. If you haven't seen her youtube videos, she does amazing make-up tutorials. Go check her out! Anyhoo, I had to go see what all this watch hype was about. So, of course I went to Mickey D's and got a watch. They are too cute. I know the food is EVIL, but I had to get the watch. haha.. I might just go there to collect all the watches, because I'm wondering if the whole Sanrio characters are featured. Do you have any idea? I haven't had a Happy Meal in years and they used to be so cheap. I was thinking to myself PINKEY SWEAR it's almost 5 bucks now? UH UH.. I got HI-C, because I rarely drink soda now and that tasted like straight sugar water. HOLY HOT BOOGERS!

Aren't they cute?

Go to your local Mickey D's and get a Happy Meal. You'll add some fierceness to your wrist.
Hope your having a good day!
Be blessed!

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  1. If you tell me those fit your wrist I'll be highly jealous. lol! I got one but it needs to be a bit bigger...or my wrist need to shrink :D But I still loves it!


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