Wednesday, March 4, 2009

MAC Mini Brush Review

Aloha blog world!

Make Me A Supermodel


1. The different colors the brushes come in.

2. They are great for traveling.


1. The texture of the bristles don't feel like the regular sized MAC brushes.

2. The 187SE doesn't pick up as much product as the regular 187.

3. I feel like I wasted money on buying these brushes.


Just because these are MAC brushes doesn't mean they have the same quality as the regular sized brushes. You can find cheaper brushes out there that will do a better job. Then again, if you love MAC and just need brushes to travel with then these are for you. I have one holiday set and the HK set. I don't plan on buying anymore of the travel sized brushes. I'd rather get another brand or save up to get the regular sized brushes.

Hopefully, you are all staying warm.

Stay blessed!