Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Anti Acne Starter Kit Update


Korn: Right Now

So, I just wanted to give you all a little update. The question you all probably want answered is "Does it work?" Well, for me I think that it's starting to work. My skin isn't bad or anything, but I seem to have pimples around my cheek area. I have tried many products and this was my last hope. I can't afford to be spending an arm and a leg for acne products, because they are not cheap. Feel me? So, I see that my skin is getting better. The acne is starting to minimize on my cheeks. YAY! My bestfriend even commented that my skin looks better. I thought to myself finally, because I should have acne issues in highschool and not now. Well, I guess everything happens for a reason and it's getting minimized. YAY! This kit advises you to use it once or twice a day. I have been using it once and it has been okay for me. So, its all on you what you'd like to do.


1. The packaging is handy, because each product has it's own area.

2. A little goes a long way so you will have enough for the 30 days.

3. I'm seeing results and it's only week two.

4. The box said it was a $60 and it was only $30. Good deal, yeah?


1. If you don't wait for each product to dry then your skin will start to sting. So, ladies and gents be patient! Let the product set on your face.

2. A picture or two could have been included in the packaging of people that saw results.

**This kit can be found at Bath and Body Works**

I will update you again in two more weeks. Maybe I'll even show you how my cheeks look.

Have a good night and good luck!

Take care and God Bless.



Get YO read on!

Hi there blog world!

Bored? Want to collect something new? Love make-up? Want something new to read?

Well, if you answered yes to one of the following above, all of you should really check out Bobby Brown Makeup Manuel. I came across this book when I went Barns N Noble. I was like I'll just check it out and see what information this book has. Bobby Brown, really explains everything from your face to makeup application. So, since I'm getting really into makeup I decided to start collecting makeup books.

1. I like the fact that this book is hard back, so it can be in my collection for years to come.
2. I like that Bobby Brown really explained each chapter in detail.
3. I LOVE the pictures, because I'm more of a visual learner. If I see something then I can pick it up faster and the pictures help me with that.
4. I LOVE how Bobby Brown made this book for all different levels to beginners and MUAs.

1. I wish the book was longer. haha.. I wanted to learn more.

Wow, I only have one dislike. That is DOPE SAUCE!

Here are some pictures, just incase you are interested.

Did you know that MAC was founded by two white guys from Canada?? I was like hmmmm.. right on.. =] Well, I hope like this book.

Take care and God Bless!