Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Whud it do, boo?

MYMP: Only Reminds Me Of You

So, I was watching one of POWPOWBABY'S latest tutorials and she said that her little sister went to Mikey D's and got a Hello Kitty watch. If you haven't seen her youtube videos, she does amazing make-up tutorials. Go check her out! Anyhoo, I had to go see what all this watch hype was about. So, of course I went to Mickey D's and got a watch. They are too cute. I know the food is EVIL, but I had to get the watch. haha.. I might just go there to collect all the watches, because I'm wondering if the whole Sanrio characters are featured. Do you have any idea? I haven't had a Happy Meal in years and they used to be so cheap. I was thinking to myself PINKEY SWEAR it's almost 5 bucks now? UH UH.. I got HI-C, because I rarely drink soda now and that tasted like straight sugar water. HOLY HOT BOOGERS!

Aren't they cute?

Go to your local Mickey D's and get a Happy Meal. You'll add some fierceness to your wrist.
Hope your having a good day!
Be blessed!

Hello Kitty Review

Whud up?

India Arie: The Truth

To be honest, I only purchased this collection because it was Hello Kitty and packaging. I wasn't really feelin the colors. I got both of the palletes, because I don't have that many MAC e/s. I had to get both of the blushes, because I HEART blushes. I tried using fun and games last Saturday, but wasn't really feelin it. The color was okay, but I didn't really like it on my skin. My favorite color from the palletes right now is the pink/magenta color. I can't believe I'm saying that, because 99.9% of the time I DON'T like pink. I was thinking about getting the doll, but I wasn't feelin the price and it was too small. Plus, I have 3403049 stuffed animals already. haha..


1. Packaging

2. Design of HK

3. Cardboard packaging ( I noticed that my lippy had double packaging.)


1. Pallete colors (You could have picked better colors MAC!)

2. Blush colors

3. Brush set

Overall, this collection was just OKAY to me. This collection didn't scream WOW to me.

Hopefully, the couture collection is better next month. So, start saving your money loves!

Be safe today in this yucky weather!



Hello Kitty Haulage

Good morning blog heads!

Me And My Girlfriend: 2 Pac

So, your all probably tired of hearing about this collection and seeing it. I just wanted to share, just incase there is someone out there that would like to see it. I was bummed when I heard the collection came out a day early, because I didn't get to go. Then, I wasn't able to go on the 10th and that just made me sad. So, finally I ended up going on the 11th. I was getting nervous, because everyone and their mama went to the launch shindig and ordered stuff online. I went to Nordys and was suprised, because there was NO line. There were a few breezys lookin at the stand, but that's about it. I was kind of irritated, because the MAs didn't seem friendly. Plus, there were people just lolly freakin gaggin and I KNEW what I wanted. So, I just told the MA what I wanted and bounced. I really wanted the HK bracelet, but the MA said they sell it at the store. I hauled to the MAC store and got the bracelet. I was surprised, because I got a free tote bag too. That made me feel a little bit better about the experience. If only they were selling the HK shirt that the MAs had on, because I'd SOOOO cop one.

Here is what I got...

Hope all of you have fun with your goodies!