Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Get LOUD: Fashion Haulage

Whud up?

Jennifer Hudson: If This Isn't Love

I got these dress about two weeks ago at Ross. I really love this store, because it's cheap and if your patient you'll find some DOPE SAUCE stuff! I got these dresses, because of the print. I don't like to look plain Jane with the gear that I rock. I really like wearing dresses during spring and summer time. You don't have to spend a long time trying to find what to wear and they are really cute. For the spring season, I'd rock a cardigan over the dress, because you might get cold. For the summer, I'd put my hair in a ponytail and be out.

Guess how much these dresses cost. Are you thinking? haha.. The first one was $14.99 and the blue one was $9.99. HAY NOW!

This dress has pockets! HAAAY! Perfect for carrying your favorite lippy. =p

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Have a blessed day.




Good Morning blog heads!


Boom Boom Pow: Black Eyed Peas

*Jergens Natural Glow product review*


1. I like the packaging.

2. The products were pretty affordable.

3. You see results in a couple of days.

4. The smell of the product isn't too strong and over powering.

5. The lotion does give a "natural glow" to the skin.

6. The moisturizer didn't make me break out. WHEW!



1. I have dry skin and this product didn't help. I tried just putting this on and then my foundation. That didn't give me any type of mosture. It just made my skin feel dry and cracky. I tried doing that twice and I got the same results. So, when I use this product, I put JNG first and then my moisturizer after.


1. If you want IMMEDIATE results, this product is not for you.

2. If you are looking to get darker, this isn't for you.

3. Make sure that you get the lotion/moisturizer that is right for your skin tone. Don't get "medium to tan" if you are light skinned.

4. If you have dry skin, I suggest you put a moisturizer on top of the face lotion.

5. I use these products every other day.

6. These products can be purchased at your local drug stores.

Hopefully, these products will work for all of you too.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Update & Eye Candy



The Dream: Rockin That Thang Remix

Wow, I haven't been on this thing on a minute. The past month has been really hard. I've been going through some personal thangs in my life. Right now, I'm waiting for some info that could be life changing. If you have been following my twitter, you've seen that I've been bustin' my butt looking for a job. Hopefully, that will change soon, but I'm looking on the brightside. I'll try to start blogging more on a regular basis, but I'm always updating my twitter. So, enough of that sappy ish. haha..

Here are some Eye Candy looks that I did. I hope yall dig it!

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Hope yall have a blessed Easter! Get yo grub on. =]