Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hello Kitty Haulage

Good morning blog heads!

Me And My Girlfriend: 2 Pac

So, your all probably tired of hearing about this collection and seeing it. I just wanted to share, just incase there is someone out there that would like to see it. I was bummed when I heard the collection came out a day early, because I didn't get to go. Then, I wasn't able to go on the 10th and that just made me sad. So, finally I ended up going on the 11th. I was getting nervous, because everyone and their mama went to the launch shindig and ordered stuff online. I went to Nordys and was suprised, because there was NO line. There were a few breezys lookin at the stand, but that's about it. I was kind of irritated, because the MAs didn't seem friendly. Plus, there were people just lolly freakin gaggin and I KNEW what I wanted. So, I just told the MA what I wanted and bounced. I really wanted the HK bracelet, but the MA said they sell it at the store. I hauled to the MAC store and got the bracelet. I was surprised, because I got a free tote bag too. That made me feel a little bit better about the experience. If only they were selling the HK shirt that the MAs had on, because I'd SOOOO cop one.

Here is what I got...

Hope all of you have fun with your goodies!


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  1. wow u got a lot from the hk collection. i didnt get anything cuz im not really a hk fan. what kind of asian i am ryt? lol! u can slap me now hehe! i do wanna get some lippies tho but i have to swatch them first. thanks for the hk nails comment.


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