Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Hello dearies!

Lady Gaga: Paparazzi

A couple of weeks ago I went to Ulta. I haven't been in that store in a minute. I was looking for bargins, because I am BALLIN ON A BUDGET. I came across these brushes and decided to cop em.


1. These brushes are friendly to the environment!! YAY!!

2. The bristles feel soft on my skin.

3. The brush itself is lightweight.

4. The set came with five brushes for $15. (Make sure you check out drug stores, because they might be cheaper there. =] )

5. There was no scent after I washed them.


1. The eyebrow brush could be stiffer.

Overall, I really DIG these brushes. They are el cheapo, but they really work. I think these brushes would be great if you are just starting out with makeup. Yo, MAC brushes are not the only ones that can do the job. Or you can just these brushes if you are a brush lover like me.

I hope you enjoy these brushes as much as I do. These brushes also come with a place to hold your brushes.

Stay blessed!




  1. I bought the angled brush a few days ago and love it! It's soft and does the trick. =)

  2. I totally love ECO tools I have the mineral based brushes ... totally on the same status on buying MU and brushes ... Money aint easy tryin to feed ya habit.If I head out this week to ULTA im holding u responsible for making me buy this set...LOL.


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