Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Whud it do, boo?


Taio Cruz: Like A Star

Ladies, do you walk in heels all day? Are you dancer that could never be a foot model, because of the way your feet look? Have you ever wore the most UNCOMFY shoes to the club and by the end of the night yo feel really hurt?

Well, ladies and gents this is the product for you! I have been dancing for 9 years and my feet have been through it all. From, dancing on wooden floor each week to dancing on a volcano. Over the years, I have developed caluses on my feet. When I'd touch the side of my feet it would hurt really bad. It was SOOO not the BIDNASS! So, one day I was watching an infomercial about this product. I was skeptical about it and didn't know if I wanted to use it. Then last year, I was at Frys and there it was. Frys is an electronic store if you don't know what it is. So, I coped one and decided to try it out. This product is an inexpensive way to shave of your caluses.

Here are my results:


1. The packaging is convienient and easy to travel with.

2. The clean-up isn't hard.

3. The results are instant.

4. This product was only $10!!




1. Wash your feet.

2. Pat them dry with a towel.

3. Pull of cap.

4. Place metal side on the area you would like to get rid of.

5. Use an up and down motion toward the area. (I usually stop when my foot gets smooth.)

6. Put lotion on them so your feet will be soft.

Tid bit:

Don't pay attention to the commercial, because they EXAGERATE on how much you will shave off. So, don't be SCURRED when using it. You will only taking off a little bit from your foot. I think everyone should or just even try it. Make sure that you have a soft hand when using this product. Don't go crazy and be rough with your feet. I've seen this product at many different places now so go check your local drug store.

Oh, how I love you PEG EGG! haha..

Well, hopefully this helps someone out there in blog land. You'll be seeing posts like this from me. I'm a real female that has real issues, so I'm not afraid to let you know. Ya dig? Plus, I like helping people too. *smiles*

Hope all of you have a blessed week!

Questions, comments, concerns, 2 cents?? Feel free to hit me up!



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