Sunday, August 2, 2009


Heylo! I thought I'd do this survey thang, since I was bored. I got it from the lovely LoveBLENDnBeauty's blog. Go check her out if you haven't she has some good yt tutorials.

1. Things you cannot leave the house without:

: Purse, Phone, Planner, and chapstick.

2. Favorite brand of Make Up:

: I love: MAC, Laura Mercier, Urban Decay, and NARS. That is when I have some cash flow, but since ballin' on a budget is hard, I love the el cheapo brands too.

3. Favorite flower:

: I don't have one.

4. Favorite clothing store:

: Nordys, Target, Ross, Styles for less, DD's, Vivi, Love Culture, and the list goes on.

5. Favorite perfume:

: VIVA LA JUICY! If you haven't coped yourself a bottle, I suggest you do. It smells oh so fabulous!

6. Heels or Flats:

: I like flats, but I rarely wear them. I'm usally always in flip flops, because they are convienient and I'm always on the go.

: Pumps are a must for me even though I am tall.

7. Do you make good grades:

: Yes, of course. School, is no joke, plus I'm not tryin to pay the same class if I fail.

8. Favorite colours:

: Green and purple.

9. Do you drink energy drinks:

: I drink Go Girls. Having one hour of sleep and having a performance the next hour is no joke. So, I need something to wake me up and so I can get hyped.

10. Do you drink juice:

: Yeah, I love Jamba Juice and Minute Maid fruit punch.

11. Do you like swimming:

: I LOVE swimming. I swam on a team in highschool and I still love it to this day. I used to swim laps everyday on the regular, but since funds are low it's hard. Oh, soon the pool and I will be reunited again.

12. Do you eat fries with a fork:

: HECK TO THE NO, unless they are chilli cheese fries. YUMMY!

13. Favorite moisturiser:

: MAC studio moisture fix

14. Do you want to get married later on in life:

: If it's in God's plan for me, then why not.

15. Do you get mad easily:

: Naw, but if Aunt Flo is in town then I do. Sorry....

16. Are you into ghost hunting:

: Heck naw, but I like watching Ghost Hunters.

17. Any phobias:

: Heights.

18. Do you bite your nails:

: Nope.

19. Have you ever had a near death experience:

: Yeah, I'd rather not discuss it.

20. Do you drink coffee:

: Sometimes. Gotta love the Starbucks drinks.


  1. i eat my fries with a fork sometimes!! haha

  2. hey hun, i love this kind of post. i get to know some info about u. i heart ghost hunters and i have viva la juicy too. btw, thanks for ur sweet comment on my heartbreak post. i still havent heard from him. maybe it's a blessing in disguise getting dumped by him? i dont know. nobody should be treated that way. thanks again smooches!!!

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  4. Hey, nice looking blog I'm now folllowing. Please check mine out too :D


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