Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Intro/ Inauguration

Good morning!

Let's start with the introduction, shall we? Well, I initially wanted to start this blogspot, because I have been INSPIRED. I have been a youtube lurker for sometime now. I started watching different videos here and there. Then, I discovered the FABULOUS make-up world. I found it amazing and addicting at the same time. heehee.. Honestly, I never knew about make-up until I started watching youtube. Nobody, in my family ever taught me how to put make-up on. I learned from two friends how to do the basics, but never in such detail as youtube. So, I learned how to do everything on my own. *POPS MY COLLAR* I started doing my make-up at age TWENTY1. Holy smokers, can you believe it? You can say I was a late blummer with this make-up thang. *smiles* It's all good though, because I have learned SOOO much and have expanded my collection. I have a six piece plastic container of make-up now and I think I need to get another one. EEEEK.. heehee..

My first love is fashion. I have a PASSION for FASHION. I may not match all the time, know the latest trends off the runway, afford the latest pumps, but I can ROCK and PUT together a FABULOUS ENSEMBLE!

So, on my blog you'll see a lot of make-up and fashion posts. You'll see haulage and reviews from el cheapo thangs to the expensive thangs. I'm thinking of adding some specific category related posts too when I get more comfortable with this blogspot bidnass. I don't know if I'll be discussing my personal life on here, because I don't know if I'm ready to lay my personal bidnass out there. You feel me?!? Hopefully, this blog is helpful to someone who doesn't know about make-up or fashion. Someone, who is just bored and decides to surf the net to get out of their bordem. Or even maybe someone who is involved in the make-up or fashion world and wants a gain more knowledge or learn something new. Hopefully, something does come out of this, because I'd like to learn more from you, you, and uhh you too. *smiles*

Unfortunately, I won't be doing any youtube videos, because I have NO clue how to put videos on there. I'll just explain and put pictures on here for your viewing pleasure. So, I want to give a BIG UPS and THANKS BUNCHES to my favorite make-up gurus. All of you have inspired me and I love watching your videos. Thank you for responding to my comments, even though I just said a simple "thank you". All of you have made me believe I can look FIERCE wearing make-up. So, thank you again and keep doing FABULOUS work! If yall haven't checked these FABULOUS people out then you should. GO GO GO... *smiles*


























Enough, of blabbing about myself. I got up around 7 a.m. to watch the festivites going on for the Inauguration. It was just amazing to watch and see what goes on during this time. It felt like the world was coming together to celebrate this special day. I got really emotional when I saw President Obama take his seat during the introductions of the VIPS. I loved how even though everyone and their mama is a different religion they brought God into it. The power of prayer is strong and amazing. Michelle, Malia, and Sasha looked fierce in their ensembles. I have the utmost faith in our President, but there is a tiny bit inside of me that is a little skeptical. I just really want to see some change. I hope that all our soilders are taken out of the middle east. I hope that our economy gets better, because too many people have been effected. I could go on and on. heehee.. With all that said, I'm still very excited to see some change. YES WE CAN!

Stay blessed!



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