Wednesday, January 28, 2009

First Haulage of 09


Did you guys get any goodies from the Bath and Body Works sale? If you did then YAY, but if you didn't the sale ended last Sunday. Well, I didn't know about it until I watched one of Lepooke's haul videos on youtube. If you haven't checked her out, you should. She has some DOPE SAUCE videos. Anyhoo, when I heard they were having 75% off and their make-up was 90% off I had to think twice. I didn't really want to get anything, because I'm saving my money for the Hello Kitty MAC collection. Then I thought to myself you can't beat deals like that. So, I decided to check it out. I got a few things.

I wanted to get some body sprays and anti-bacterial hand soap. Then I got a few lip stuffz. The make-up was practically gone, but I'm glad I got a few things. I'm not really a lip product kind of woman, but I wanted to try these out because the packaging was cute and they weren't expensive. Then I came across their "Anti-Acne Starter Kit". I am still working on my dream of having flawless skin. Hopefully, this works because having acne in my twenties is not the BIDNASS! I think I'll do a review on it too. Just incase you loves out there have an acne issue too. I'm praying that this works for my sensitive skin.

All the stuff I got :

The Lip products

The "Anti-Acne Starter Kit"

Hope all of you purchased some goodies too. *smiles*

Stay blessed!



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