Sunday, February 15, 2009

Maybelline Lash Stiletto

Ludacris: Nasty Girl

Whud it do, blog heads?

**This is a review.**

So, I had to pick up some stuff at Wally World and decided to pick this up. I saw this commercial a minute ago and wanted to see what this hype was about. This mascara claims to lengthen your lashes.

1. Lengthened my lashes.
2. The packaging was different and chique.
3. The eyelash applicator is long and small enough to get to your lashes near the inner part of your eye.

1. This mascara only fits one purpose.
2. The packaging is long and may not fit in a small make-up bag.

If you are like me and need a mascara to thicken your lashes, then you'll need to use another type of mascara to do that job. I'd put on another coat of a mascara that thickens on top. I think I won't purchase this mascara again, because I'd rather have ONE mascara that lengthens and thickens at the same time.

Then again, if your BALLIN ON A BUDGET go ahead and cop this mascara. At least it will lengthen your lashes and the packaging is cute. If your not then save a couple of extra dollas to get a better mascara.


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